Why not take advantage of our FREE website audit?

For your FREE search audit, which is a full, non-automated analysis of your existing websites’ traffic and conversion rate. It will help identify areas of your site which aren’t performing, as well as telling you where might be doing a good job.   
What does my audit contain?
The report will contain an in depth look at your website from your existing analytics platform – we’ll crunch the numbers and provide advice on how you might be able to increase visits and improve your conversion rate. We will review:

  • Website Performance -  a review of your current visitors, including analysis of bounce rate, content engagement and conversion rate
  • Organic Search – traffic & keyword rank performance from major search engines such as Google & Bing
  • Paid Search – We’ll analyse any Google AdWords or other paid platforms accounts
  • Email – We’ll take a look at your email campaigns to check you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

What is different about this Audit?

Unlike lots of other free audits, ours is non automated and will provide full analysis of all digital channels. Some free website audits in the industry are automated meaning they do not have manual analysis included in the report.

What do we need?

All we need to carry out your free website audit is access to your current analytics platform - it couldn’t be more simple!.


 Google Shopping
 Google Text Ads
 Google Remarketing
 SEO Work

*As a minimum we will require access to your existing analytics package to carry out the audit.



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