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Posted June 4, 2015

The Bigger Boat Summer Social 2015.

This year’s Summer Social was an adrenaline fueled afternoon and evening.

In an action packed day we managed to cram in rock climbing (with some more terrified than others), caving (with some even more terrified crew members), bouldering, a pair of climbing brogues, Thai food, chocolate beer and the now legendary Wagon Wheel story.

For our adventurous afternoon, we decided to support local business Rokt, an awesome climbing, caving, bouldering centre in the middle of Brighouse, before we fed and watered in Huddersfield with Thai food, chocolate beer and some horrific tasting cocktails… It was great to see injured crew member Trev make the night out, and Dave will be dining out on his speedy ascent to the top of the 16m wall for years to come…

Posted by Doug Main

Creative Director, current table tennis champ, lover of the design grid and everything to do with road cycling.