The Bigger Boat Christmas Do!

Yet another successful ‘do’ for The Bigger Boat team this year, and boy was it a big one!! But much deserved - it’s been non-stop in the lead up to Christmas.

We’ve all pulled together over the last few months which has seen some of our biggest jobs to date launch. With ‘almost Christmas’ deadlines done and dusted for the weekend, the crew headed over to the big apple (or Manchester) to set sail on the adventure of the year. *Doug & Ruby (below) sporting their vicky-pollard-esque look for the day doo* 

Challenge one involved getting Andy to leave the office on time. And we did it, after successfully making it to Manchester and parking via a wrong turn into the bus depot, we dropped the girls suitcases and Mark’s cardboard Bitcoin trading box at the Holiday Inn Express. A swift pint later we set sail for The Crystal Maze: Live Experience.  We must admit we were slightly sceptical about the lack of alcohol. But it seems, you can still have fun as a team without a drink or two. It was one of the best experiences we have done to date, the set and staff were all fantastic (and patient). We won’t go into too much detail for fear of spoiling it for anyone yet to give it a try, but think wacky, fun, smart & seriously weird activities and there you have The Crystal Maze experience! (N.B we would advise shorts & T-shirts, it gets VERY warm in there!) 

Post Crystal Maze we explored the Christmas Markets, stopping off for a beer and a German Sausage (even though we were booked for an evening meal, but needs must) on our way back to get glammed up before heading back out to Restaurant Bar and Grill, Manchester for our Christmas meal.

Food, service & company all fantastic throughout the evening and fortunately we were all made it back to the hotel although some of us walked the scenic route.

Here are a few pictures of us just enjoying the night (aka. Doug with a spoon on his face?!) - because who doesn't want to see lots of merry people having a good time! 

Posted by Dave Learmont on December 21, 2017