Unique Beer Labels for Salamander Fabrications

We recently designed a set off beer labels for Salamander Fabrications. Salamander were teaming up with Empire Brewing as they wanted to get some unique beer created for their staff as gifts.

They asked us to design the labels for them. The labels had to reflect their brand and what they do. We came up with the names based on ‘real ale’ names and we also wanted them to be relevant to the company and what they do. 

The final names that we decided on were ‘ Laser Cutter’, ‘Powder Coater’ & ‘Metal Bender’. 

We designed the logo of each beer based on its unique name.

Unfortunately we only have 2 of the 3 designs, as they got smashed in transit, but we definitely had a good time with the ones that we did have at our own Christmas do!

Posted by Kara Clifford on June 28, 2017