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Bespoke Brides asked the The Bigger Boat crew to bring their old site up to date, make the site responsive and to reflect their range of exclusive, couture wedding and bridesmaid dresses. 

With such stunning imagery available, and with our brief of showcasing the gorgeous gowns Bespoke Brides had to offer, we lept at the idea of letting the photography be the star of the show. Our initial concepts had large imagery at their heart and were complimented with simple, yet elegant, typography and Bespoke Brides quickly signed off on the creative.

But we didn’t just stop at making the site look great, we wanted to make it a great user experience as well. Our initial keyword research influenced our content strategy and, because we knew that brides to be searched for gowns by style as well as by designer, we created navigation that allowed the browser to search by both terms.

We also added a blog that allowed Bespoke Brides to use their Instagram images (their favourite Social Media) and we also allowed the browser to Pin potential dresses to Pinterest or even email a friend for their opinion...

Subtle rollovers, an ever present appointment section and a neat menu, that works as well on desktop as it does on mobile, were the icing on the wedding cake (sorry) and the Bespoke Brides website was ready for it’s big (launch) day.

Bespoke Brides wanted to shout about the quality of their dresses and how great they looked.

We let the photography do the talking, showcasing Bespoke Brides' range of beautiful dresses from top designers with large imagery...

Keyword research showed us that a lot of people searched for types of dress, as well as designers. 

We created separate sections showcasing different types of dresses to make it easier for users to find what they were looking for...

As a company we know nothing about websites, but we do know that being ahead of the game is what leads to success. TBB researched our competition and created something better and more advanced than anything else out there. You need a team that is forward-thinking to be able to develop a site that will work for your business now and be optimised for the future. The Bigger Boat team hit the mark every time. Would we recommend? Oh yes! Thanks The Bigger Boat!
Gary & Clare Hardy, Bespoke Brides

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