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Goldcrest Chemicals

We were tasked with bringing a fresh, modern look to the Goldcrest brand as well as developing a responsive website that would help make information on their products clearer and easier to find.

Before starting any creative work a brand audit was undertaken to assess the state of the current assets, as well as research into where the brand sat amongst its competitors and what clients wanted from its website.

Whilst maintaining the brand identity in terms of the colour palette and iconic Goldcrest bird, we modernised the typeface and reimagined the logo mark to bring it forward into the modern era using softer lines and rounded type.

The website design used a modern ‘strip’ layout to get across key points of information and calls to action clearly, and using bold imagery to showcase the products and environments in which they can be used. Extensive keyword research helped us develop the structure of the site, which includes the ability to choose industrial sectors and individual products, giving people various routes to pages and information.

The Case Study section has important SEO value, allowing us to target long-tail keywords as well as providing potential clients the peace of mind that Goldcrest can solve a variety of challenging problems across the world. 

Increase in lead generation

Improved user experience and clear calls to action have led to an increase in goal completions of 49%.

We made it easier for users to find the information they need. Key pages for all products and sectors, and a dedicated Case Study section have increased time on site by 44%, and reduced bounce rate by 22%.

Things are buzzing over here! We've had great feedback from all the staff and clients, thanks for your hard work on this guys. Top job.
Kyle Smalley - Goldcrest Chemicals

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