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Concrete5 is the CMS (Content Management System) of choice here at The Bigger Boat. We've been designing and developing websites in Concrete5 since 2009, we love the back end UX compared to other popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, and Text Pattern. Wordpress is still more popular, due to the global rise in the blogging community. But the UX with Concrete5 is second to none, and our clients agree.

Concrete5 has recently been voted as the best open source CMS platform, and we'd agree with that recommendation! Take a look at the Concrete5 website to see a demo of the back end and a list of the features and benefits. Most CMS website examples within our web design portfolio are built using Concrete5, so if you want to see some of our work, check out our latest projects.

It's rare nowadays that we would develop a static website, for really small projects this still does happen,  but 9/10 times a client wants the ability to control copy and images across the website - which in a nutshell is what CMS web design is.

There's a whole heap of add-ons available through Concrete5's developer community. These add-ons give CMS web designers flexibility and scalability. Integration with popular systems like Pay Pal and Mail Chimp is simple. Concrete5's user based log in is also a really neat solution for membership websites, or web projects where you want to show a bit of content, but show a lot more to people who've logged in.

We also love the SEO flexibility that CMS provides. Our in-house SEO analysts have the ability to change on-page content to optimise it efficiently to the needs of the client.

The Bigger Boat is an experienced CMS web design agency, based in Brighouse, near Leeds and Huddersfield. So if you're looking for CMS web design in Huddersfield, Leeds or Yorkshire, get in touch or bob in for a brew.