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Posted June 5, 2018

Meet Joe Vickers, our latest Junior Account Manager..

I first came into contact with The Bigger Boat in 2016 when I came into the office to have a chat with Andy. At the time, I had just arrived home from travelling around South East Asia and Australia for 9 months and I was keen to start my career in Digital Marketing. I always knew I wanted to get into Digital Marketing from my early University days. I studied Business and Management at Leeds Metropolitan University. While studying a vast array of modules, I soon realised that technology was taking over the business world and this would be a hot industry to work in.

Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right for The Bigger Boat to employ me, which was a great shame as I loved the vibe of the place. However, all was not lost. Just over a year down the line another opportunity came to light as The Bigger Boat were hiring again! After being in a job role I wasn’t enjoying this was a no brainer for me so I picked up the phone and rang Andy! Much to my delight, I was offered the position of Junior Account Manager!!

My first couple of weeks have been great and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The most appealing part of my role so far has been the variation of tasks I undertake on a day to day basis. I have drafted blogs and content for client’s websites, set up email marketing campaigns, taken on my first account and learnt how to compile keyword research.

After being welcomed in with open arms it was only fitting that we finished my first week off in style. So, the crew and I went down to the Flower Pot for a ‘couple’ of well deserved pints! The evening escalated quickly as the women showed the men how it was done by sinking 6 bottles of wine in world record time! Safe to say there were a few sore heads the next morning!

I am getting a real insight into the different aspects of the digital and design world and I am now looking forward to seeing how my career develops with this fantastic opportunity!

Posted by Joe Vickers

Account manager, Love Island super fan and expert in travelling, food & sport!