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Posted September 25, 2017

New Junior Account Manager – Ruby Ribbons.


My first few months at The Bigger Boat has been everything I expected and more. The fast-paced but constructive working environment which I’ve been greeted with every day has been fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the role and the team.

Having moved from a heavily Social Media led background it was a breath of fresh air coming into a role where there are so many other factors to consider. My job role as ‘Junior Account Manager’ is quickly beginning to take shape as I’m working closely with real clients, writing copy, carrying out keyword research and simply getting on board with general day-to-day tasks within the office.

The team have been really helpful and informative over the past few weeks, I love learning new things so I’m a bit like a kid in a candy shop at the moment – every time someone tells me something I previously didn’t know I love it. Over the past few months, I’ve assisted on getting the new West Yorkshire Garage Door website live, prepared a luxury printing brand Celloglas for the Packaging Innovations event & helped organise Email Campaigns for household brand Little Tikes.

I have always been big on being a team player and teamwork. Even though it is a small team of around 12, everyone really helps each other and pulls together to get a job done. I love bouncing ideas off of everyone and getting excited about new projects and ways we could approach it. I definitely think I was made to work within an agency environment, as I’m a bit of a people person. I’m really looking forward to the future and developing not only my own personal attributes but really becoming a valid member of the team and helping The Bigger Boat, and their clients thrive.

Posted by Dave Learmont

Account Manager, copywriter, football coach, has the largest Twitter following in the office and big fan of the 'condiment'...