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Burhouse Ltd.

Social media strategy implementation for smarter content planning, timely delivery and great results.

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Having recently launched a new website to accommodate a wider range of customers, jewellery findings and settings supplier Burhouse knew its social media channels required an overhaul to align with the company’s digital touchpoints. There was the need to create a consistent customer experience.

The Objectives
Burhouse had enlisted our help to merge its two brands, ‘Beadhouse’ and ‘Burhouse Ltd’, to create an easy-to-navigate website and customer process from start to finish. Social media messaging needed to reflect that and the company wanted to increase engagement across social platforms. The main objective was to ensure that the team had the tools in-house to plan and produce content that not only retained and engaged current customers, but had the scope to capture the attention of a wider, growing audience too.

The Solution
We carried out a thorough competitor analysis alongside auditing all of Burhouse’s current active and inactive social media platforms. We created a ready to use social media content template specifically designed for Burhouse, alongside a presentation of insights from the analysis and a social media audit with key takeaways, which equipped Burhouse with all the tools to implement the strategy in-house.

Result Highlights.

  • 500%

    increase in conversion rate

  • 75%

    increase in revenue

  • 20%

    increase in traffic

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