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Find out how we helped Celloglas take a new marketing direction.

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As the UK’s leading specialist in print finishing, Celloglas is well-known for its core product offering but struggled to gain awareness on new or more innovative finishes. Despite the brand’s market position, it had a traditional and un-scientific approach to marketing.

The Objectives
Celloglas needed our help to develop and deliver a marketing strategy to reflect the wide range of innovative and stunning products available. The main objectives were to develop and reposition the Celloglas brand, before creating and deploying a marketing strategy to support a wider business growth plan.

The Solution
We see ourselves as part of the Celloglas team. As a retainer client, Celloglas benefits from the flexibility to supplement a core account team with specialist design, development and marketing skills and experience when required. We've worked on everything from strategic planning, including customer journey mapping and marketing strategy development, to the design and build of a new website that clearly outlines the range of finishes available, along with case studies, inspiration and technical support. We also produced stand designs and materials for two annual trade exhibitions alongside regular printed and email customer and employee communications, as well as digital marketing including SEO and paid search.

We've helped Celloglas generate leads and revenue across all marketing channels

Result Highlights.

  • 39%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 54%

    Increase in lead generation

  • 23%

    Increase in web engagement

  • 591%

    Increase in email goal conversions

Client Feedback.

The customer journey process has changed that view, we now look at marketing in a far more end-to-end approach. We’ve only rolled out 10% of the opportunities identified, but it’s already making a difference to our business. By really analysing what our customers are looking for in a print finishing partner, we’ve been able to engage with our target audience much better. For example, we recently won a new account that is set to be a top 10 client, we expect that to add around £300k in sales over the next 12 months. Before we worked with The Bigger Boat we had a very traditional approach to marketing that was promotionally focussed. Marketing within the company was viewed as producing flyers or going to an exhibition.

Richard Pinkney - Business Development Director, Celloglas

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