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With more than 25 years’ experience in handcrafting luxury, fully bespoke internal and external doors, Deuren knows a thing or two about creating stunning-looking, inviting spaces. We want the same to be said about the brand’s website.

The Objectives
Deuren required website design to perfectly match its luxurious, high-end product offering – and we had a few ideas about how we’d put that in practice. We’d already laid down great SEO foundations and the client didn’t want to see a drop in that search engine visibility. We were tasked with updating the look and feel of the site, putting user experience at the fore and redesigning everything from a conversion point of view, all the while minimising the risk of change with Google.

The Solution
With the end user in mind and keen to underpin the core values of the Deuren brand, we analysed all aspects of the website we’d previously worked on, minimising changes to structure but ensuring freedom for creativity. Because Deuren’s product offering is so vast and its service bespoke, we identified a need to pictorially showcase the endless door configurations to give users beautiful visuals of each possible finish. We built a responsive site, optimised for tablet and mobile, and made huge improvements in terms of user experience. Through careful planning and design, our extensive redesign allowed for a seamless transition so we could continue with other marketing activity without disruption. Visuals are so important for renovation projects and Deuren’s website now meets user needs, offers inspiration and continues to drive conversions.

Result Highlights.

  • 135%

    Increase overall conversion rate

  • 62%

    Increase in organic traffic conversion rate

  • 87%

    Increase paid search conversion rate

  • 46%

    Bounce rate reduction

  • 90%

    Increase in visit length

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