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Find out how we delivered a 106% increase in the return on advertising spend

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Direct2Mum is a leading retailer of baby and toddler products. A go-to brand for new and well-versed parents alike, it supplies prams, pushchairs and nursery furniture. The company operates in a particularly competitive market at a time when the pressure on product margin has never been greater.

The Objectives
The main requirement was to improve the profitability of the client’s existing Google shopping campaigns. Some optimisation work had been done in conjunction with Google, but the client had struggled to consistently achieve a target of 800% ROAS (return on advertising spend). We were tasked with reviewing the account and suggesting a strategy to achieve that objective.

The Solution
The first step in our optimisation process was to analyse existing data in the account so that we could learn what was working and what wasn’t. We then re-structured campaigns so that ongoing changes would be easier to implement while cutting as much wasted spend as possible. The savings were re-invested into successful campaigns and ongoing tests. That process was repeated, constantly driving revenue up – and cost down – over the course of the year. This led to us exceeding the ROAS target in 10 out of 12 months, which was a fantastic result for the client.

We provided

We beat the campaign target in 10 out of 12 months whilst reducing cost by 76%

Result Highlights.

  • 106%

    Increase in ROAS return

  • 76%

    Reduction in cost

  • 30%

    Increase in the average order value

  • 28%

    Increase in conversion rate

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