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Creating the most film-friendly brand identity on the planet.

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Location Collective is London’s leading locations provider to the film and TV production industry. They provide unique locations for the best in TV and film. Whatever you’re binge watching right now, chances are it has one of Location Collective’s expert managed locations at the heart of your favourite scene.

The Objectives
The Location Collective team had a very firm goal in mind when it approached us to rebrand its ambitious and long-standing business. The company was already the market leader in its field and needed a brand identity that reflected its passion and expertise for film. Location Collective is on a mission to make London the most film-friendly location on the planet.

The Solution
We wanted everything to reflect Location Collective’s passion and knowledge for the film industry - so the brand identity we created features the most famous lines from movie history (often with a little twist to reflect the more playful elements of the brand personality). We knew this would resonate with the target market, which would appreciate our knowing nod to the movie industry. Even the new logo mark has a classic film quote at its heart. The ’negative space' X is inspired by the often-used line ‘X marks the spot’, which you’ll hear in many films (including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). We created a classic and bold typographic style and colour palette that would communicate our message simply and become instantly recognisable as part of the brand identity.

We provided

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