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A modern day Fable!

Helping Microsoft Studios launch a website for a world renowned Xbox game

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UK game developer Lionhead Studios, part of Microsoft Studios, needed a website for the latest release of the famous Fable series.

The Objectives
We were appointed by Lionhead to deliver the creative for the new website. The main objective was to excite and inform the huge fan base, as well as capturing the essence of the game with Lionhead's art team.

The Solution
In conjunction with a partner development agency, our part of this six-month project saw us design the site’s look, feel and function. Working closely with the creative and management team at Lionhead, our aim was to inject the humour and pathos synonymous with Fable. We created a heraldic themed site, complete with a stage in which you can interact with key characters. There would be flags that heralded the latest news from Albion and a standalone ‘Villain’ section, which explains the unique feature of the game.

We provided

The site and game was announced at E3 in LA – it received over 1 million hits in the first hour

Client Feedback.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys. The games team love it, especially the stage. Extremely nice work!

Kristen Mcgorry - Microsoft Studios

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