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See how we brought a 200-year-old public school into the digital realm.

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Wakefield-based school Silcoates was founded in 1820 and provides academic learning for pupils aged three to 18. But as it approached 200 years since its construction, this historic public school decided on a digital revamping. The school needed a brand new website to properly reflect its forward-thinking approach.

The Objectives
Silcoates was short time from marking its 200-year birthday when it decided on an identity overhaul to revamp its digital presence. The school required a complete re-design and mobile-optimised site in order to better appeal to parents of current and prospective attendees. A primary objective was to increase the number of potential customers visiting the school.

The Solution
We spent three months planning and creating a mobile-optimised Wordpress website. We focused on an approach that delivered pared-down content with eye-catching images of Silcoates’ pupils and extensive facilities. We paid particular attention to the site’s accessibility and structure and ensured every area of the platform is visible within one or two clicks, improving user experience and engagement. We also provided complete reporting integration to enable data-driven making in the future. We saw immediate improvements on the previous site’s performance, including engagement quality up by 25% and a marked increase in the number of enquiries.

Result Highlights.

  • 95%

    Conversion rate increase

  • 8%

    Bounce rate improvement

  • 20%

    Improvement in user engagement

Client Feedback.

“We’re thrilled with the new website, which shows Silcoates for the place it is – academic, welcoming and inclusive.”

Philip Rowe- Headmaster, Silcoates

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