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Stone cold results.

How we increased revenue using Google Shopping campaigns.

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Stone Menswear is a well-known fashion retailer and long-standing client of The Bigger Boat. The company has a loyal local following supported by its shop in Mirfield, while its ecommerce website sells designer label menswear to UK and international customers.

The Objectives
Having designed and developed Stone's responsive ecommerce website in Magento already, the main monthly objective was to maximise the return from paid search, principally outside of sales periods.

The Solution
After seeing overall conversion rates and revenue increase from the launch of the new website, the focus shifted towards optimising paid search. We stopped traditional text advertising due to high competition and escalating costs, which were diminishing returns. We built shopping campaigns in a logical structure allowing us the freedom to modify bid strategy by brand as product margin varies by brand. We then re-invested the saving from text ads to further increase the visibility in shopping. By using our tried-and-tested method of analysing data, cutting waste and investing in success, we managed to achieve an annual average ROAS of 865%, which was 42% above the target.

Over 12 months we beat the clients ROI target by 42%

Result Highlights.

  • 132%

    Increase in revenue

  • 35%

    Increase in ROAS

  • 58%

    Increase in conversion rate

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