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Cloud made easy.

A modern brand identity and website for Yorkshire tech startup Vapour.

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Cloud services provider Vapour required a complete brand identity overhaul. It operates differently to other cloud providers so its corporate style had to reflect that individuality.

The Objectives
In what’s become a very crowded and confusing marketplace, Vapour needed a helping hand in positioning itself as a cutting edge technology company. This is a brand that prides itself on doing things differently to its competitors so our design and branding concept needed to reflect that individuality. Plus, Vapour’s core offering – voice, cloud and connectivity – required us to create three distinct and instantly recognisable identities.

The Solution
What Vapour has over its competitors can be immediately seen on its site – the normally complicated process of buying cloud services is made simple and easy to understand. We developed a brand identity and strapline that re-enforced this key selling point. We prioritised simple, clean design that incorporated a small colour palette and kept true to a friendly, easy-to-understand tone of voice. As part of the overall design and branding solution, we took care of modern web design with bright and engaging vignettes and identified names for the suite of products, designing the look and feel of each one.

We kept the overall design simple and clean and added vibrant gradients to ensure the brand identity stands out from the competition.

Client Feedback.

Great work from the TBB crew. Good fun to work with and an excellent end product.

Tim Mercer - CEO, Vapour Cloud

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