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The wonderful world of Webmart.

Capturing the brand and new customers.

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Webmart is a leading print and marketing company. Founded in 1996, it’s gone on to build a solid reputation and become a print partner for many major brands. We joined forces at a pivotal time for the business as it expanded from print into a more diverse marketing offering.

The Objectives
We were tasked with creating a new-look website to perfectly communicate Webmart’s credentials as a marketing partner that’s focused on generating savings and bringing results. We needed to outline the fact the company had recently become a leading player in a range of areas, including data enhancement and media buying. But the design of the site needed to stay true to Webmart’s vibrant and quirky personality.

The Solution
The three-month project saw us create the design and front-end development of the site and work alongside the client’s internal .Net development team, which took care of the back-end Umbraco element. We used a simple, bright colour palette to pay homage to Webmart’s unique character, but were careful to ensure we succinctly communicated the message of it being a results-driven business. And the outcome? The client saw a quick uplift in performance with increased traffic and engagement and an enhanced quality of enquiries.

Result Highlights.

  • 25%

    Reduction in bounce rate

  • 34%

    Increase in pages per visit

  • 92%

    Increase in conversion rate

Client Feedback.

Since the launch of the new site, we have already seen an improvement in performance, with traffic and engagement levels increasing, and – most importantly – the quality of enquiries being significantly enhanced.

Stuart Payne - Chief Growth Officer, Webmart

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