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Zapf Creation UK.

Creating two distinctive websites and tones of voice for a market-leading doll manufacturer.

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Zapf Creation UK required new websites for two of its renowned brands: Baby Annabell and BABY born. A manufacturer of innovative children’s dolls and accessories and a huge promoter of doll play for learning in early years, the company reached out to us to create a new home and add real distinction between these two extremely popular brands.

The Objectives
Following on from our long-standing relationship with toy manufacturer Little Tikes, The Bigger Boat was handpicked to create and launch two websites for the Baby Annabell and BABY born brands. The two sites were to clearly differentiate between the brands and create a strong distinction between the nurturing, gently side of Baby Annabell and the adventure-focused identity of BABY born.

The Solution
We worked closely with the client in brand immersion sessions and carried out thorough market research to precisely understand each brand and its audience, objectives and unique selling points. We designed and built two modern websites with a mobile-first approach and hassle-free checkout process, as we know the brands’ customers like to shop and consume content on the go. We differentiated each brand with vibrant colours, typography and iconography and each website benefits from simplified menus and helpful prompts for shoppers so they can add co-ordinating accessories to their ‘Baby Buggy’. We created detailed brand and tone of voice guidelines for Baby Annabell and BABY born too. The two sites also feature blog content to inspire families with play ideas and educate on the benefits of doll play in little ones.

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