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Posted June 7, 2017

Out and about with The South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival..

We’re big lovers of Yorkshire’s great outdoors so we didn’t need to be asked twice to create and deliver the promotional material for The South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival.
The two-week-long event, which showcases the best of the South Pennines landscape whether by foot, bike or horse, is held annually – and since 2011, we’ve been proud to design and produce its festival guide.

Our inaugural offering to the festival, a pocket-sized programme, was a huge success, guiding ramblers, cyclists and horse riders around events and activities taking place in the stunning Yorkshire-Lancashire border. The following year, we chose to build on that success by creating a map-style fold-out, which beautifully featured a gallery of inspirational images taken across the rolling hills of the South Pennines.

But the creativity didn’t stop there. Over the years, we’ve also provided all collateral, including visually appealing posters and pop-up stands, as well developed a logo mark that would go on to give the festival its own identity that became instantly recognisable to its legions of attendees.

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Posted by Mark Jenkins

PPC and SEO know-it-all, Mark is also a lifelong 'Terrier'!