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Ben joins TBB for work experience.

School student Ben Ayrton joined us for a week of work experience ahead of his all-important GCSEs next year. Here, he tells all about what he’s been up to and explains how a week at TBB Towers has helped cement in his mind what he’d like to do for a career.

Work experience at The Bigger Boat has to have been the best choice for me. I have always had an interest in computers and have known that a job related to them is something I would like to do.

My week here has shown me what goes into websites and advertisement. It has helped me see what each of the different roles in digital marketing does. Being more interested in the development side of the work here, throughout the week I have been writing some code for a personal website of my own, playing with the code and seeing the effect it has on the web page. The effect the writing has on the page has really fascinated me, and it is amazing that the code I wrote was able to create a web page, along with its own layout and colours. This task – and sitting alongside the other developers – has shown me this is the type of work I would enjoy in the future. A career in development, any type, would be perfect for me.

Before my work experience, I was unsure of the path I would take in the future. With A-Level choices coming up soon, I need to start choosing subjects that will help the career I’ll pursue. After my week, I now have a clear view of what I would like to achieve – and aim to be sitting working with developers on projects full-time in the future!

The work environment has shown me what it’s like to work daily, as it’s very different to going to school daily. It has also shown me the importance of finding a job you enjoy, as doing the same work every day would be very boring if you didn’t enjoy it.

Take a look at what Ben’s been working on, as he continues to document all his projects on his own website.

Written by Carrie Webb
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