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Lego Calendar Competition.

This year at TBB towers, we decided to give our clients a Lego Advent Calendar each so that they could have fun throughout December. We challenged them to a competition to see who could create the best scene with their Lego, and we all sat ourselves down together at lunchtime today to carry out the gruelling judging process over a Domino’s.

Having so many incredible entries, we’ve named our Top 3! Read on to find out our winner and runners-up below:

1. Yarwood Leather

Not even the Grinchiest of Grinches could ward off Christmas cheer at the viewing of this festive film. With top production values, an emotive storyline and a soundtrack we all know and love, Yarwood Leather were unanimously voted as the winners by The Bigger Boat crew, and our very own Arron Brown was visibly moved to tears. See you at Cannes, Yarwood!

2. STG Aerospace

Nothing says ‘Christmas is here’ like an impromptu street rave! STG’s innovate product placement complete with fluorescent sleigh tracks gave Christmas a completely different feel altogether, and the DJ’ing penguin blew our minds… now pass us the glowsticks.

3. Summit Training

Summit Training make a fantastic point; why would Santa use a sleigh when he could be flying overhead in a Bigger Boat? 12 year-old Isabelle hand-crafted an imaginative snowscape to create a modern masterpiece.

Other Entries (in no particular order):

Celloglas: With tinsel, falling snow and a @Mirriboard ski slope, the Celloglas entry has it all and for that reason was a very close runner-up to Summit.

Vantage: Had this been a photography competition, Vantage would’ve undoubtedly been the winners here! Vantage provided us with a selection of close-ups of different aspects of the scene; allowing us to connect on an emotional level with each character.

Bespoke Brides: Bespoke Brides created a fully immersive scene with a snowy backdrop and a Winter Olympics theme; allowing them to use their ice hockey players to maximum effect.

Cultural Destinations: The mountain at the side of the scene gave us the illusion of depth and height, whilst the mysterious floating orbs gave the piece an ethereal feel. Plus, the inclusion of a chocolate Santa in any context earns extra points in our books.

ReWork: Our sole Lego City submission had us on tenterhooks; does the Policeman know he’s speeding off in the opposite direction to the thief?! Too much festive adrenaline for our liking.

Written by Andy McCaul
Co-founder and digital marketing guru Andy ensures all our projects are in shipshape and that we generate the best return on investment for clients.