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TBB October Show & Tell.

From Google to Gringo’s, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting things happening in our industry. On the last Friday of every month, the TBB crew sit down, grab some grub and discuss some of the stuff we find really interesting. It’s a great way for everyone to have their say, and show different things that could inspire us or make the rest of the team’s lives easier!

So let’s dive into what we came up with in October:

Honesty is the best policy…

Andy showcased a presentation from Google on the power of honesty. Honesty is a value we hold dear here at TBB, so it was quite fitting that this presentation hit many of the same points we would in one of our pitches.

The presentation goes on to mention an example whereby a restaurant is so honest that it in fact points out its flaws, but all that does is build up trust with the brand as they manage the customer’s expectations. The customer ends up having a terrific time (because they knew what was coming and more importantly what wasn’t) and goes to show the power of honesty.  They say it showed two very distinct things:

  1. The restaurant in question cared about the customer having a great time.
  2. Because the restaurant was so open, the customer trusted everything they said from then on in.

Mexican food and Mad Men is the perfect combo…

Alice (Johnson) showed off a brand spanking new website for Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant in Huddersfield which looked really cool. She loved the bold imagery and graphic style and we agree – it looks great! Dave & Laura can also vouch that the food tastes great too. ¡Ay caramba!

Alice also showed us a clip from the excellent TV show Mad Men (take a watch if you haven’t seen it). The part in question was the ‘Carousel’ scene, where Don Draper sends us on an emotional rollercoaster to win the business of Kodak. Rousing stuff that puts hairs on the back of your neck and gives us a good idea of the power of pictures.

Spotify ‘Found them First’ is music to our ears

Dave took us through an interesting site that is both visually striking and has a great content based hook. The Spotify ‘Found Them First’ site lets you login to your Spotify account and finds out which famous artists you ‘Found First’. It puts an end to all those arguments over a beer of ‘I listened to that band before they were famous’ and lets you prove you’re a music visionary or just jumping on the bandwagon. You can share your results on Twitter, where it will automatically tweet the band themselves.

He also took us through Unsplash, and wider ‘side project marketing’. Side project marketing is basically creating something other than your core product that you can put out there to generate interest. Importantly, it has to take less time and be more successful than a blog post or press release. In the case of Unsplash, it was created by Crew, who are effectively a website where freelancers can get work. Their site was failing, however, so they took all the photos from their previous projects and decided to give them away for free; attracting the very freelancers they needed to populate their database. An ingenious move that saved their business and made them very, very successful.

Finally, as a resident wordsmith, Dave showed us MailChimp’s content guidelines. They are extremely detailed and give you an insight into the depth a ToV document can go into. Well worth a read if you’re looking to update your Tone of Voice.

Browser testing & making stock images easy

Mark showed us a couple of extremely useful apps designed to help both the web and design teams. Saucelabs device and browser testing software will come in handy for developers looking for an easier way to test their sites on multiple devices and browsers.

He also showed us the Zoommy image library app which will make Doug’s life a lot easier. It brings together all of the free stock image libraries into one place for a small fee, making life much easier.

From France to Flixel…

Doug showcased three sites he thought were really interesting. The first, Panache, was described as ‘bonkers’ but displays the great use of images to create a weird and wonderful effect as you scroll down the page.

The second, Flixel, used living images to create some cool banners that we thought we could utilise on some of our projects. They add another dimension to sites and help bring them to life. We’ve already experimented with video on our home page, so take a look if you haven’t seen it already.

Finally, he showed us Gillemore, which uses some great rollovers and an interesting side menu. Again menus are something we’ve been working hard to improve, so it’s great to see innovative uses of these.

Cracking results showcased by event tracking…

Arron showed off some of the work the digital guys have been doing by demonstrating how event tracking helped us track a direct increase in revenue by adding a call-to-action strip on the ITSM Zone site.

Event tracking is a really useful tool for monitoring and evaluating sites, and you can read more on it and how it can help you in Mark’s blog post.

Bose get interactive with their sub-domain…

Last but not least was Laura, who showed off a stunning Bose sub-domain for some of their headphones. They used really cool navigation whereby the page interacts as you hover over sections. It’s a bit quirky and out there, but it stands out from the crowd and creates an interactive experience you won’t forget.

She also showed us Google Apps for Work (which features in our Google products you should know about (but don’t) post) which is a great little suite of software built with the cloud in mind. It’s perfect for those used to using Gmail but would rather use a work email address, and need to edit documents on the go and store them in the cloud. Well worth a look.

And that’s your lot!

There’s a load to go through, but it’s good to see such a variety of great projects, apps and sites on show. If you’ve got any questions on the above or how they could help you, just give us a shout!

Written by Andy McCaul
Co-founder and digital marketing guru Andy ensures all our projects are in shipshape and that we generate the best return on investment for clients.