Boat culture

The Captain’s log: Insights from below deck.

In a month of cold nights and fireworks, our crew has diligently worked on existing accounts while securing a host of new and exciting projects. 

Despite our busy schedules, we’ve kept our eyes firmly on the horizon to ensure you’re capitalising on every digital opportunity possible. 

Here, our crew discusses November’s digital marketing insights and offers its expertise to your business.

Enhancing our headless offering
The development team has been working hard this month to learn new headless integrations for some of our ongoing projects. We are always looking to be at the forefront of modern technology, which is why we’ve added Shopify e-commerce and Algolia intelligent search to the long list of services and integrations we can offer. With more headless websites planned for the coming year, this was the perfect time to expand our capabilities and we can’t wait to implement these new features in the future.

John Bell, senior web developer

Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes
Content is becoming more about teaching than selling, with users seeking reliable sources to cure their pain points and guide them to genuinely relevant services. However, weaving a web of consistently informative content across your platforms and touchpoints can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to sell your brand with every sentence. This is why empathy is such a valuable skill for marketers. By understanding the fears and desires of your end-users, you can answer the right questions, address concerns with compassion, and form sturdy relationships through helpful content. This trust in your brand will naturally grow into inquires, conversions, repeat customers and recommendations, providing your website’s user journey is clear and well-designed.

Mike Hargreaves, content writer

New page-speed insights could help your website
Earlier in the year, Google brought in new guidelines that clearly placed page speed as one of the most important factors in rankings, pay-per-click (PPC) performance and quality score. Now, you can gain improved insights on your website’s page speed, using an easy-to-understand ‘pass/fail’ system, which includes diagnostics and opportunities for improvement for both desktop and mobile. This allows you to quickly see how your website is performing and what areas require the most attention. To learn more about increasing page speed, discover our web development services and get in touch to discuss your website. 

Ewan Burkinshaw, SEO manager

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Written by Mike Hargreaves
Creative writer Mike strengthens our growing content offering. He’s focused on raising clients’ profiles via great-quality content.