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Posted June 5, 2018

Webmart gets TBB on board..

Leading print and marketing company Webmart celebrated a pivotal time for the business and chose to get The Bigger Boat on board to help.

Webmart, based in Oxfordshire, expanded from print into a more diverse marketing offering and we were tasked with overhauling the brand’s website to communicate its credentials as a marketing partner focused on creating savings and generating results. But we also had to make sure the new-look site mirrored Webmart’s vibrant and unique personality.

Throughout the three-month project, we worked closely with Webmart’s internal .Net development folk, who took care of the back-end Umbraco element. We created the design and front-end development.

And the brand is already noticing results. Stuart Payne, chief growth officer at Webmart, said: “Since the launch of the new site, we have already seen an improvement in performance, with traffic and engagement levels increasing, and – most importantly – the quality of enquiries being significantly enhanced.”

Fancy a nosy at what we did? Head over to Webmart’s site for a closer look at our work.

Posted by Doug Main

Creative Director, current table tennis champ, lover of the design grid and everything to do with road cycling.