Ecommerce agency.

We’re a Yorkshire-based ecommerce agency providing design, development and digital marketing services across different platforms.

We’ve been working with ecommerce websites since the company was founded in 2010.

The Bigger Boat was an early adopter of popular CMS platform Magento and our founders ran their own successful ecommerce business for many years – so we know a thing or two about designing, developing and marketing ecommerce websites. We’ve won an award for it too, for our work with toy manufacturer Little Tikes in the UK.

Ecommerce websites tailored to your business

There is huge variation in complexity with ecommerce websites, from simple start up sites with a small number of SKUs to more sophisticated projects requiring integration with EPOS or ERP. Each project is different and must be assessed individually so that we can tailor the right ecommerce website for your business. We do not provide one set platform or one set solution for ecommerce websites.

Which ecommerce platform is best?

The choice of whether to use WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or even something more sophisticated like a headless approach, depends on your current requirements and potential future developments. For example, if you’re a business wanting to test ecommerce or direct to consumer (DTC), it may make sense to launch a website more quickly on WooCommerce or Shopify. But if you require a specific integration to an ERP like NetSuite or SAP, with thousands of SKUs across multiple categories, it might be more suitable to develop the website in Magento or WooCommerce. Each platform has pros and cons. We can help you navigate the process so you’re confident of investment in the right ecommerce solution.

Best practice ecommerce design and development

When designing and developing for ecommerce, it’s essential that UX is at the heart of the project. The objective is always for a user to be able to quickly and easily find a product and check out. There are hundreds of design features and development techniques that, when combined, achieve this objective and maximise your ecommerce ROI.

In addition to helping you launch or re-platform, our agency supports clients each month with ecommerce digital marketing services, from social media management to paid search and SEO.

Ecommerce platforms provided by our agency.

Ecommerce platforms.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that provides ecommerce to the world’s most popular CMS. It’s a platform we have a lot of expertise in and, like anything, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

WooCommerce websites.

Magento is a well-established ecommerce CMS that is often deployed for large or more sophisticated ecommerce projects. It’s not suitable for all websites and is a more complicated platform to develop in.

Magento websites.

Shopify is the fastest-growing ecommerce platform, with ready made solutions for smaller budgets and more sophisticated options for the more bespoke websites. It’s a fast, secure system that can scale gracefully.

Shopify websites.

Headless is a new approach to ecommerce website development. The head or front end of the website is detached from the CMS. The separation of data and the visual front end provides security, speed and data connection benefits. Find out more about headless websites and what the advantages are.


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