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The success of a website is usually defined by a simple statistic: goal completion. Whether it’s lead generation or product sales, a conversion is worth money to your business and is ultimately what all efforts are about.

The number of sales or leads your site generates comes down to a pretty simple calculation of the number of visits x conversion rate. The majority of SEO strategies tend to focus on increasing the number of visits, which makes sense because the more people who see your site, the more conversions you have the chance of gaining. But it’s just as important to optimise your site to ensure the traffic you’ve worked so hard to get to your site then goes on to convert into leads and customers. If you’re not monitoring your audiences and keeping up to date with what makes them tick – and then convert – you risk losing them to your competitors.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) requires a scientific approach that gathers insight and analyses data to guarantee page optimisation for the benefit of your users. We’ll firstly identify where things could be going wrong before creating a solution, testing it and evaluating the results. Sometimes the smallest of changes will have the most striking effect on conversions. We’ve seen lead image changes reduce bounce rates by 80% and contact form amendments increase conversions by 300%.

As a guide, we think you should expect a 2% conversion rate from your website – some of our clients’ websites convert at over 6%.

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