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Customer journey.

Why customer experience (CX) is the foundation of everything we do at The Bigger Boat.  

According to Econsultancy’s digital intelligence briefing, companies get a quantifiable uplift from a customer-focused strategy. They surveyed 13,000 marketing, creative and technology professionals, so you don’t have to just take our word for it.

We make recommendations for our clients based on either the needs of their customers or data telling us there is a requirement and ideally both. Our customer journey process is a collaborative method that helps us to understand what our clients’ customers are doing and thinking all the way through their journey – before, during and after they become a customer.

We start with a workshop, where together, key members of our team and the client’s team meet and map out the journey customers take. During this phase, we identify and map every customer communication point, along the way identifying triggers, objectives, emotions and opportunities.

We then use this bespoke customer journey map to define our recommended approach,  build a marketing strategy and identify priority campaigns to improve a customer’s experience and achieve great results for our clients. It’s about spending time and precious marketing budget where it’s most needed – not what’s easy or quick.

If you’d like to discuss how prioritising customer journey can help your business, give Alison or Andy a call on 01484 720055 or get in touch to enquire.

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