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Concrete5 Web Design & Development

Concrete5 is a fairly niche content management system (CMS) that isn’t as well-known as some of the more popular platforms like WordPress. But what Concrete5 lacks in popularity it more than makes up for in its ease of use.

More often than not, our clients like to be to control copy and images across the website, which in a nutshell is what a CMS does. One of the main benefits of Concrete5 is the intuitive ‘edit as you browse’ CMS – in our experience there is no easier CMS to learn.

There’s a whole heap of add-ons available through Concrete5’s developer community. These add-ons give CMS web designers flexibility and scalability. Integration with popular systems, including PayPal and MailChimp, is simple. Concrete5’s user-based log in is a really neat solution for membership websites, or web projects where you want to show a snippet of content, but reveal a lot more to people who’ve logged in.

If you have a Concrete5 website that is version 5.6 or less, then there is no easy upgrade to the latest version – now 8.4. Unfortunately it’s a web rebuild to go up from that particular version, which is always a good time to evaluate the platform you are on. Websites on version 5.7 and above can upgrade more easily. As with any upgrade you need to be careful before you hit the button, the process is always better handled through a web developer who can fix anything that breaks after the upgrade.

The Bigger Boat is an experienced Concrete5 agency, based in Mirfield, Huddersfield. If you’d like to speak to us about designing a new website or supporting your existing one, just get in touch.