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WordPress Agency

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) platform, covering a whopping 54% of the entire internet. We love developing in WordPress because of its flexibility and scalability.

We design and build responsive websites that engage the target audience and create leads or generate sales. A successful website means you have to get everything right from the outset – that’s architecture, design, content and development. Across our 12-strong digital agency, we have vast experience in all elements of the build, which is why our websites generate such great ROI.

We’ve been developing in WordPress for many years and depending on the project, it’s usually our CMS of choice. Because of its popularity, our clients benefit from the flexibility of any CMS. There’s an unrivalled amount of plug-ins and add-ons available, which can often cut down on bespoke development on websites. In many cases, it’s more efficient to amend a pre-built add-on than it is to code from scratch. But we love a challenge and in the instances the WordPress community couldn’t provide a solution for a project, we’ve had to bespoke code integrations or functionality.

Sometimes WordPress suffers a bad reputation, mostly down to misinformation or a misunderstanding about web development. It’s a popular platform, which means it can be open to targeting by hackers. But if you maintain and update WordPress properly, it can be as secure as any other CMS.

We love the search engine optimisation (SEO) flexibility that comes with CMS. Our in-house SEO analysts can amend and update onsite content so it’s effectively optimised to meet the needs of the client, whatever the objectives.

The Bigger Boat is based in Mirfield, Huddersfield. If you’re looking for a Yorkshire-based WordPress agency, we’re your guys – get in touch for a chat all things web development.