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Baby Annabell is the UK’s number one nurturing doll brand and a huge advocate of learning through doll play in those important early years.  

The brand reached out to us to create a new home, add real distinction from sister brand BABY born and work on month-to-month digital strategy.

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The challenge

Baby Annabell doesn’t simply manufacture dolls. It promotes and encourages, through its dolls, nurturing roleplay, which in younger children helps develop traits including responsibility, kindness and empathy. We needed to get this messaging across via a brand-new website and take it into real consideration when developing tone of voice guidelines. The Bigger Boat was also tasked with scoping out strategy for the brand’s ongoing digital activity, which we continue to manage.

The solution

We worked closely with the team at Baby Annabell to thoroughly understand the brand’s values and objectives to then apply this to website design and all content going forward. These immersion sessions informed our decisions as to colour palettes, typography and iconography. Baby Annabell’s new mobile-first website benefits from simplified menus, helpful prompts for shoppers and a hassle-free checkout process. We also created detailed tone of voice guidelines, which we can now apply to content across all digital activity.

Our Baby Annabell blog is home to regular content that inspires nurturing play and educates about the developmental benefits of doll play, while our ongoing social media management continues to raise brand awareness and engage Baby Annabell fans and prospective customers. We’ve helped Baby Annabell reach 10k followers on Instagram, launched its sustainability campaign and announced and managed the brand’s Ask the Expert campaign on Instagram, which heard from various child development and play experts and answered followers’ parenting questions and dilemmas.

We injected personality into each brand, provided a refreshed look for their digital presence and shone more of a spotlight on their fantastic range of dolls, clothing and accessories.

Charlotte Conqueror

Senior UI/UX designer, The Bigger Boat

increase in profile visits
followers by the end of 2020
increase in website click-throughs
This is a really exciting next step for Zapf Creation in the UK. Having a targeted website with e-commerce capability will significantly improve customers interaction with our brands and help them make informed purchasing decisions. For the first time ever, customers will be able to browse and shop the full collection of Baby Annabell and Baby born products including dolls, clothing and a range of accessories all in one place.

Kasia Leskow

Marketing manager, Zapf Creation

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