Solutionize Global.

Solutionize Global is a privately owned cloud and technology company based in Wakefield and London.

As the brand took a different direction in strategy (the business underwent an ambitious shift in direction and its existing brand identity didn’t reflect that), it was imperative that its brand and messaging communicated with both its existing and new international customer base.

A right result!


Increase in website users.


Increase in sessions.


Increase in traffic.

The challenge.

As part of a wider strategy to outreach to new clients and to support the business in its rapid growth, cloud and technology firm Solutionize Global enlisted us to create a new corporate identity and website.

We were briefed to take a modern approach on Solutionize Global’s traditional look and feel, to support a growing multi-million pound turnover business and to reach new customers.

The new identity and website was also required to ensure Solutionize Global would stand out from the competition and succinctly communicate what makes the company different - and a cut above.

The Bigger Boat brought interesting and creative ideas to the table as we looked to modernise the look and feel of our business as we experience exponential growth. The resulting branding and website really captures the essence of who we are as a business and our future aspirations.

The brand focuses on our people, values and products. This is important to us, as being a technology focused organisation, we believe tech is an enabler, it’s our team that really drives change, ideas, service and value to our customers.

David Bentley
, Solutionize Global

We had great fun exploring the essence of the brand with the SG team, and the information from our workshops was instrumental in the brand identity we delivered.

Doug Main
Creative director
, The Bigger Boat

Our solution.

To ensure the leadership team was onboard with what Solutionize Global wanted to stand for and aligned in communications as a team and business, we led a branding workshop to identify their core values and key strengths. The workshop would be instrumental in influencing eventual brand identity and tone of voice so we invited key stakeholders from across the business to really understand brand personality and promise.

This workshop inspired the design studio to create the brand identity, which then went hand-in-hand with the web project.

While we needed to update the brand identity, we didn’t want to lose all the equity that already existed, so the graphic language included a modernised version of the existing red and blue colour palette and a more contemporary version of the traditional rounded typography.

We also created a brand new icon which used negative space to create the letters ‘SG’ - a shorthand the company has become well known for. We designed a site that was visually team-orientated to reflect their personable nature. A key objective was that the graphic language should depict exactly what the team stands for - they, and the valuable service they strive to deliver, are truly what sets Solutionize Global apart from the competition.

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