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A week aboard The Bigger Boat

Student Martha recently joined us for work experience, leaving the classroom behind for a busy week of deadlines and creativity. Here, she explains what she got up to day to day with the crew, and what she’s taking away from her week spent as a digital marketer.

This week, I joined The Bigger Boat for my work experience placement. I took part in several tasks and activities to keep me engaged and entertained all week. This included: research, uploading blogs, writing blogs, and building a page on a website. As well as this, I also attended daily meetings, where members of the crew discussed their plans for the day and what work they needed to get done. I study iMedia in school and knew I wanted to choose a job placement to do with that, so I decided to go with The Bigger Boat.

Creativity alongside planning meetings

Each day of the week I attended a meeting to discuss ideas for the week ahead and make sure everybody is aware of what each other is doing. This also helped me to understand what work each person does and the different roles at The Bigger Boat. 

On Monday I joined the crew, and was introduced to everyone. I began packaging samples for Ali during the morning and also attended an ‘events’ meeting at 11am, to discuss upcoming dates, activities and events. After this, I learnt how to upload content on to websites, and then I checked for mistakes and to see if all the links worked. 

On Tuesday, I finished the rest of the packaging that I was doing with Ali. After this, I began looking at Black Friday research, to find ideas and take inspiration for certain promotions and campaigns. I also used an Excel document to use links to certain websites and find the authors and their contact information. Finally, before I left for the day, I began looking at inspiration for certain projects that the company works on and placed it all in a Word document.

On Wednesday, I finished my links Excel document, and began looking for Little Tikes ideas to complete what I’d started the day prior. Once I had completed this, I wrote category copy, which is a summary about a collection of products, for doll manufacturer BABY born. 

On Thursday, I finished any work that I had not completed throughout the week, and then, at lunchtime, I attended my second meeting of the day and took part in a monthly meeting. In this meeting, the crew discussed everything that had happened the month prior and also praised their employees and gave them recognition for their hard work last month. As well as this, they also introduced any new people who would be joining the crew in the future and introduced their roles.

Looking towards the end of the year

Finally on Friday, I began by making an advent calendar for one of the company’s long-standing clients. Once I had finished this, I moved on to some digital ad copy, writing a sentence about a certain product that you would see on any social media, and finished by writing a blog about my week.

During my week at The Bigger Boat, I have worked as part of a team and used and developed my teamwork skills. I enjoyed myself in the working environment and the work I was doing throughout the week. I also appreciated the work environment The Bigger Boat has and benefited from this while working throughout the week.

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Written by Carrie Webb

A life-long lover of the written word, Carrie is your go-to for compelling content that resonates with your audience.

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