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Be Cool BeFibre Summer Campaign

When we first partnered with internet provider BeFibre, the brand’s identity and messaging was in need of a true refresh. What made the broadband brand stand out was the fact it could actually deliver reliable full-fibre connections at impressive speeds (many providers promise this, but don’t deliver). However, BeFibre’s marketing wasn’t communicating this, so we pinned down its bold personality into a robust and unique brand identity.

After developing BeFibre’s full rebrand, including creatives, copy, and social media, we’ve worked on several successful campaigns since - including the brand’s summer 2023 campaign ‘Be Cool. BeFibre’. Here, we explain the strategies behind the project, and how we helped.

A stand-out summer campaign

BeFibre came to us looking for a bold and playful summer campaign - something that would catch the eye, generate brand awareness, and continue to set the broadband provider apart in an extremely saturated market. Having established the brand’s friendly presence and no-nonsense reliability, we were keen to draw on this for a fun, relatable campaign that encouraged consumers to resonate with BeFibre’s forward-thinking solutions. 

Sassy dogs in full technicolour

Take a look at the broadband brand landscape and you’ll see a sea of commanding reds and regal blues. You’ll also read buzzwords like ‘hypersonic’ and ‘ultra-fast’ so often that your eyes may start to glaze over. We wanted to communicate BeFibre’s honesty, commitment, and serious quality, without the overconfident bragging. For this campaign, we used vibrant graphic language and multicoloured lines to depict the world of exciting content and media that customers gain access to using BeFibre. And we brought in a new element - dogs. Funky, colourful dogs in jumpers and jackets. Because who can ignore good boys and gals in human clothes? No one, that’s who. It’s not always easy (or budget-friendly) to gather dogs, dye their fur pink and photograph them, so our design team used Midjourney to help create our mutt-ley crew of brand mascots. 

Cool copy that cuts through the noise

After simplifying and modernising the brand’s logo to ‘Be’ in our rebranding stages, we used this as a focal point for a lot of BeFibre’s core messaging. The theory is that repeating the verb ‘to Be’ creates a comforting sense of brand familiarity and memorability. When followed with a noun, adjective, or another verb, this core message provides endless scope for brand application. In this case, our summer-themed ‘Be’ phrase was ‘Be Cool’, highlighting the chilled-out joy BeFibre customers feel when they finally find a broadband provider that doesn’t tell fibs, and actually delivers without all the buffering (and suffering!). 

Cheering up dreary spaces

We rolled out BeFibre’s Be Cool summer campaign to all customer touch points, from paid social ads to out-of-home advertising. The campaign presented a lively, eye-catching brand that people can relate to, engage with, and are drawn towards emotionally - there’s nothing like a jolly dog on a bus stop to lift your spirits, especially during this rainy British summer. Vibrant graphics and a fun tone-of-voice also worked to further bring the new high-spirited but down-to-earth identity to life, creating a memorable and consistent style of messaging befitting the company’s evolution, that can be used going forward to leave a legacy. Looking for an energising rebrand, or seasonal marketing campaign, but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and a member of our crew will be happy to chat through your requirements.

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Written by Nina Cresswell

Senior content writer Nina is devoted to conscious copywriting that achieves marketing goals and makes consumers feel good.

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