News and insights • Posted on 30 January 2020

Getting to know the crew

As everyone at The Bigger Boat gets excited in the lead up to our 10th birthday, we share a few insights about the crew to help you get to know them a little better. We’ve each answered a question about one of our crewmates…

What do you think Max’s first thought was when he woke up this morning?
Vlad: What a great day to do some bulking!

If Grace didn’t work at this company, where would she work?
Emma: She would work in a laughing factory, spreading her infectious giggles around!

What’s the weirdest/most memorable part of your first interview with Doug?
Chazza: Probably expecting a job interview to last, at tops, for about an hour. After the design questions were fired, we were having a good old natter about a range of things and the whole interview lasted about two hours on a Friday evening, which was nice. Oh, and probably having incredibly sweaty palms. (*please don’t shake my hand!*)

If John was on a deserted island, what three things would he want with him?
Andy: I think John could survive indefinitely with a pool table, giant pork pie and supply of beers.

If Carrie was an animal, what animal would she be?
Kara: At first I was going to say an owl, because of their intelligence and they are always shown with a book in their hands, but after a quick google, I’ve decided Carrie would be an elephant because ‘elephants are beautiful creatures. They are focused, family-oriented and loyal’.

If Lee could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of his life, what would it be and why?
Grace: That’s easy, CHEESE! When I first started at TBB, Lee bought me a bag of mixed cheese as a welcome pressie, as he soon found out we had the same love for it! Cheese chats are a regular thing in the TBB office, and it often ends up turning into one of TBB’s ‘fun lunches’!

If Mark could pick a superpower, what would it be and why?
Ruby: Time-bending/freezing time – so he could go back to when Huddersfield Town were in the Premier League and weren’t heartbreaking to watch every weekend!

In three emojis, describe Chazza.
Ali: ????️ ???? ????‍????

In three words, describe Vlad.
Lee: Cool, precise, Bulgarian.

What would Emma’s top karaoke song be?
Joe: Cliff Richard – Summer Holiday

What is Andy’s pet peeve at work?
Doug: When Carrie asks what time can she leave for the party. Or, when someone leaves breadcrumbs in the kitchen. Or, someone leaves the milk out on the coffee machine.

What is your favourite memory at work with Joe?
Mark: It would have to be the worldie of a catch at the TBB rounders match last summer – an absolute belter. Otherwise, the day-to-day banter he has with everyone – always a laugh.

If Ruby could be in a movie of her choice, what film would it be and what character would she play?
John: Not really a movie but a TV show – I could totally see Ruby as Monica from Friends. She loves to have fun but the fun needs to be organised properly! (To be honest, this could apply to a few women on the team!).

If Ali could live anywhere in the world, where would this be and why?
Carrie: Water baby Ali would probably love to live in Australia so she was never too far from a great swim.

If Kara could only have three apps on her phone, which three would she pick?
Max: ITV catch up, Facebook and Instagram.

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