News and insights • Posted on 29 July 2023

Insights from below deck: June 2023

The launch of Figma’s Dev Mode, changes to Google’s Core Web Vitals, and an upward trend in playful ads are some of the topics that have got the team talking this month. Here, we discuss the latest news from the digital marketing landscape and how we expect brands to leverage updates throughout July and beyond.

Figma launches Dev Mode

As the name suggests, Dev Mode is a new space in Figma for developers – and it’s going to be very useful. By working as a browser inspector for design files, it’ll bring concepts like pixels, layers, and groups closer to developer concepts like code, icons, and tokens. In short, it’ll help us translate designs into code faster. Now, our designers can tag a project ’Ready for Dev‘, and our developers can get the information they need, cutting out the need for version updates and extra communication. An integrated agency’s dream!

Jason Scarfe, senior web developer

Google Search Console adds INP to Core Web Vitals report

There’s a new metric in Search Town. Google is bringing Interaction to Next Paint (INP) reporting to its Core Web Vitals report. This will replace First Input Delay (FID) in March 2024, when the new metric will be used for regular checks and optimisations to help maintain good website performance. To aid website developers and owners in the transition, INP will be included in the Core Web Vitals report in Search Console later this year. 

Ewan Burkinshaw, digital marketing manager

Cracking smiles with copy

How do you sell a UFO and a hobbit hole in just two words? The new airbnb category campaign smashes it with ‘Greetings. Earthlings’. This, plus the whip-smart OOH ads for the new VW bus (both playful and pleasing to grammar pedants – no mean feat), are just two of the latest campaigns that have made me smile. And that’s important, not just for brand-building, but to offer relief in what often feels like a dysfunctional world. Of course, not all brands have the personality that can get away with humour. But for those that can, like our own client BeFibre, now is the time to lift the mood. 

Nina Cresswell, senior content writer

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