News and insights • Posted on 22 March 2020

Striking the right tone in a changed market

Creating marketing content can be a difficult task at the minute. With so much going on in the world and emotions high, it’s tempting to shy away from publishing any form of content for fear of getting it wrong.

Here, we explain why ensuring you’re communicating in the right way is a wise move right now. It’s about tapping into the right content opportunities (they are there), knowing you have the authority to speak in that space and, within your writing, adapting your tone accordingly – especially at a time when your communication and content is where your customers will look for support and advice.

Consider audience perspective

You should always consider your audience’s feelings and needs when creating any type of content – the very basics of great content taps into their emotions and understands their perspective. However, cultivating the right tone of voice and conveying that empathy in your brand’s writing is required now more than ever before.

We’re living in unprecedented territory and the future is unknown – the way consumers interact with brands is changing. Some may be spending like they never have before, while others might be frightened and wary. But your content can offer them comfort if you demonstrate a real understanding of how they’re feeling and help to reassure them and ease their concerns.

Check your messaging, mind your tone

When it comes to copywriting, it’s plain to see the rules have changed a little. It’s never been more important to ensure content is responsibly written and tactful. Carrying out an audit of all existing and upcoming planned content is as good a place as any to start. Content provides the backbone of your website and at the moment, as well as in the future with such predicted growth for online, it’s your 24/7 salesperson. It needs to be as effective as possible. But it should be relevant and sensitive to the current situation too. What was relevant and resonating a couple of months ago, now isn’t, and your messaging needs to adapt or change altogether. Sense-check any content in the pipeline, whether that’s a newsletter, editorial or social content, as well as your evergreen content – be prepared to make changes or even pause it and reconsider altogether as you strive to create more relevant messaging. Maintaining sensitivity in all written comms is crucial right now and for the foreseeable.

Quality, as always, should prevail

While the messaging has changed, the reason for writing hasn’t. In normal circumstances, a brand’s content serves to educate and engage, while bringing real, meaningful value to its audience. Demonstrating expertise, authority and trustworthiness in content has been a Google requirement for a couple of years now but great quality content naturally strays into these areas anyway. And it should continue to do so during and after a crisis – nothing changes there. Through copy and by using the right words, brands have a fantastic opportunity to arm their audiences with genuinely useful information that’s going to have real impact on their lives at this difficult time.

Let your voice be heard

Content creation and copywriting mustn’t simply stop – don’t go off the radar and lose visibility as far as your audience is concerned. Instead, it’s about being human and authentic – in other words, being yourself. Be responsive, refine your messaging and pay real, focused attention to your tone of voice. Get it right and you’ll be remembered for it. It might not be quite business as usual right now but continuing content activity – in some form – is what will ensure you’re not forgotten. The right tone in content will put you in a strong position when we return to (a new) normal.

Need help honing your tone of voice or can’t quite find the right words to reach out to your customers? Drop us a line and we’ll help you discover your voice.

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Written by Carrie Webb

A life-long lover of the written word, Carrie is your go-to for compelling content that resonates with your audience.

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