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TBB - Google Partner Certification

Ahoy! Due to our continued hard-work we are delighted to officially become certified partners for Google advertising. We’ve been successfully managing lots of accounts across a variety of sectors for a sustained period of time, and we’re eager to relay our knowledge and expertise to other business owners who are wishing to get more traffic and sales from their website.

If you are wondering how your website can benefit from Google advertising, here’s a handy guide to the campaigns available to you:

Google has a number of different campaigns available which can all deliver results in many ways – here’s a defined list of all the campaigns that can be used within Google advertising:

  • Traditional Text Advertising

  • Google Shopping Campaigns (for websites selling products)

  • Re-marketing/display advertising

Traditional Text Advertising

This advertising method has been available for many years and is still at the forefront/ most recognised method of advertising in Google. Essentially, these are the yellow coloured text items you will see in the top 3 results, and down the right hand side of the search results page:

Most businesses both B2B and B2C focused will benefit from text advertising as it’s a way of generating traffic relatively quickly for a target set of keywords that are relevant to your service offering. Obviously, there’s much more research and investigation work to be done before setting any campaign live.

We would need to conduct a full keyword research audit, establish target cost per enquiry/sale and margin figures in order to benchmark costs and budgets to ensure it’s profitable. There are also considerations outside of text advertising as well, we would ensure your website is correctly set up to track conversions; i.e. contact form submissions, call requests and downloads etc.

Shopping Campaign (Product Listing Ads)

Shopping campaign ads or product listing ads as they were formally known as – are the grouped images of products you will see at the top of the search results page, and sometimes in the top right.

Re-marketing/display advertising

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the web. Remarketing is a powerful way of keeping users engaged with your brand. It’s common for users to visit your website more than once before they enquire/purchase a product, and remarketing is one way of ensuring users see your brand multiple times in the lead up to purchase. It’s essentially a good brand awareness exercise and can be a good prompt to action something they have been considering.

If you are interested in how your business can benefit from Google advertising, contact us for a chat! If you’d like to see more of what we’ve done for other clients, take a look at some of our pay per click projects below…

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Written by Andy McCaul

Co-founder and digital marketing guru Andy ensures all projects are shipshape, and that we generate the best return on investment for clients.

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