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The best Headless websites

While the majority of websites are built using traditional CMSs like WordPress, more and more brands are getting ahead of the curve and transitioning to a headless architecture. As specialists in headless website design and development, we’re constantly on the lookout for exciting new builds that truly push functionality and user experience. 

Here, we discuss our favourite headless websites.


Since 2011, Figma has developed cloud-based design tools to improve collaboration between designers while reducing time spent on projects. With a focus on accessibility and flexibility, Figma exists to make designers more efficient and cost-effective without compromising on quality or creativity. 

The brand has recently released its new design system alongside a front-end website built with Gatsby.js. and supported by Contentful CMS. This headless build is perfect for a fast-paced, ever-evolving brand like Figma as it enables the quick construction of flexible blocks and components.

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NYC Pride

Supporting and advocating rights for the LGBTQ+ community, NYC Pride is a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness and organises the annual NYC Pride March. On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, NYC Pride unveiled its brand-new headless website using Gatbsy.js. for front-end support to implement vibrant designs and intricate features that enhance user experience and reflect its colourful community. 

Hosted with Netlify, the site is primed for an influx of visitors when an event runs and is able to scale reactively to handle any level of traffic to the site.

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Giggles Day Nursery

A Leeds-based childcare service, Giggles Day Nursery’s website is our most recent headless build. The organisation is gearing up for an expansion that aims to make it the childcare provider in the region.

Using Gatsby.js. and Storyblok, we designed and developed an innovative and industry-leading headless website to enable Giggles Day Nursery to focus on growth with a reliable and scalable website. In addition, because a headless CMS works by separating the front and back end of a website, we were able to remove any risk of sensitive information gathered through the enquiry form being accessed from the front end.

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The international leader for sticker and trading card collectables, Panini launches more than 1,000 collections each year and is one of the front-running publishers for children’s magazines and books, comics, manga and graphic novels. With such a growing and varied offering, Panini moved its website to a headless model. 

Using Storyblok CMS, the brand is able to stage changes to the site and preview them in real-time with a powerful and feature-rich visual editor. This is vital for Panini, as a hugely visual brand. For the front-end framework, Panini uses Nuxt.js. which provides a streamlined and fluid development process for their technical team, increasing efficiency and productivity when rolling out its collections.

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An online delivery platform, Deliveroo brings the best of local restaurants to people’s front doors. Naturally, the brand’s focus is speed, efficiency and reliability. This is reflected flawlessly in its choice to use a headless CMS and speedy front-end framework, Next.js. With static-site generation, Deliveroo’s website is delivered at an extremely fast pace, with almost-instantaneous interactions. From there, landing pages are built using Prismic, which allows for the optimisation of acquisition costs and product promotion.

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Bespoke luxury door manufacturer Deuren has been a client of The Bigger Boat’s for over 10 years, benefitting from our fully integrated digital marketing services. With such a wide range of high-end products, we knew Deuren’s headless website would be an asset-heavy project, which traditionally would result in a slower performance. 

Prismic CMS was perfectly suited for this, as it boasts a highly intuitive and space-saving cropping feature, which enabled us to autonomously upload hundreds of high-resolution images to showcase the extensive range and exceptional quality of Deuren’s luxury doors.

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Decathlon Careers

One of the world’s largest sports equipment manufacturers and retailers, Decathlon has more than 2,000 stores, across 56 countries in five continents. With hundreds of vacancies each year, Decathlon’s careers platform needed to be highly reactive and able to feed into several different websites, depending on the territory and language. 

Using Nuxt.js. for its front-end framework and Storyblok as its CMS, Decathlon Careers benefits from multilingual features – providing translations in 11 languages – and can feed the same content into multiple channels flawlessly and flexibly.

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Written by Charlotte Conqueror

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