News and insights • Posted on 29 June 2021

The Captain's log: The June update

It’s been another busy month aboard The Bigger Boat.

We’ve been going headless with our website builds, making our voices heard in the press, and looking out for a new crewmate!

What we’re up to below deck

After many months of diligent work, we’ve launched long-time-client Deuren’s new website using a headless CMS – the first of many headless builds coming up for us. As an expert in its industry with a breathtaking range of bespoke products, Deuren needed a website that was user-focused and highly functional. It would provide a clearer conversion journey, more beautiful product imagery, and useful resources to position Deuren as a fore-thinker and source of inspiration for self-builders and architects. Our crew is still below deck working on more headless websites for our clients, all of which we’re excited to share in due course. But that’s not all the crew has been up to. We’ve also: developed a fun, interactive timeline for Zapf Creation, in celebration of BABY born’s 30th anniversary; created digital ads to promote the hero O.M.G Dance Dance Dance dolls for L.O.L. Surprise! to direct users to Amazon, communicate the overall tone (positivity inspiring, confidence-building) of the brand, and the many unique USPs of the dolls; and evolved the brand of childcare-heroes Giggles, providing a more modern, stand-out look and feel.

Big news from the departments

New emojis to aid working life

As the office adapts to a hybrid working life, our crew splits its time between the office and home. Slack, our go-to instant messaging service, has also adapted to the new way people are working together by adding new WFH emojis, which aim to help workers communicate their availability and work-life balance. The new emojis include: on the school run, the kids need my attention 24/7, and even nipping off to give my furry friend a walk. Slack has also included emojis that indicate situations that would be visually communicated in the office. For example, head down at your desk with headphones on signifies you are focused and don’t want to be disturbed. There’s even one about your cat’s love for your keyboard.

Enya Key, digital marketing intern

Celloglas supports the Euros

With our internal sweepstake well underway, the Euros have certainly sparked excitement and opportunity throughout UK businesses. One of our most innovative clients, print finisher Celloglas has been involved with the official Panini Euro sticker collection, providing its stunning reticulating varnish to the album. We exist to make our clients look good and love shouting about their successes. Hopefully, Celloglas’ contribution to the sticker collection will also go hand-in-hand with ‘it coming home’!

Alison Lee, account director

Google’s new update prioritises page experience

It’s been a busy month or so for Google, and it looks to continue for some time. At the end of May, Core Web Vitals officially became a ranking factor, as opposed to just being a data point. The effect of this update is real and we’ve had to carry out work on a couple of our clients’ websites to ensure they keep their positions in the SERPs. Then came the Broad Core Update, which included large-scale changes to the Google algorithm that can have impactful changes on the SERPs. These updates are typically aimed at improving usability and in line with Google best practice. Having said this, Google isn’t perfect, and sites can sometimes be negatively affected by these core updates despite following best practice. In these cases, what often happens is a site will pick up its rankings when the next update rolls around and ‘fixes’ what happened last time.

Ewan Burkinshaw, SEO manager

In the press

We love making our voices heard in our industry. This month, our creative director and co-founder, Doug Main has written an insightful piece regarding the future of brand workshops in a post-COVID world for Brandingmag.

Boat culture

We’re hoping to make our crew a little bit bigger by bringing aboard a new digital marketing apprentice, breathing some fresh wind in our sails. As well as this, we’ve implemented the OKR (objectives and key results) management model for meeting business objectives, including business-wide and departmental goals with measurable steps each of us will take to ensure The Bigger Boat sails to the horizon, continuing to provide great service and expertise to ensure our clients’ digital marketing thrives and achieves the best results possible.

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