Search and convert!

Search marketing is a ongoing monthly service we provide to; increase targeted traffic to your website, convert visitors in to sales or leads, and to generate ROI. We're a straight talking search agency who don't cut corners, we also don't make exaggerated promises without even looking at your site. Check out the below to see how we work with our clients on a monthly basis.

Content Strategy

Whether you're developing a new website or you just want to improve the rank of an existing site, your content strategy is key to the success of your website. The content architecture of a website is as important for users as it is search engines. It should be logical in it's order and naturally funnel browsers to more detail and ultimately conversions (sales or leads).

The days of simply adding page after page of similar keywords to your website are long gone. Search engines will always be one step ahead of 'quick fix' SEO strategies, so a carefully though out content plan is essential for any business... and that's where we can help! The Bigger Boat crew have tons of experience in content planning for all types of businesses and products.

Organic/Natural SEO

The long term goal for any website should be to maximise search engine visibility through a well planned organic SEO strategy. In other words you want to rank well for the products or services you provide.

There's no quick fix with search engine marketing and there's no shortage of competitors or people attempting to manipulate search listings. An ongoing natural SEO plan should be focused on generating good content and following industry standard practices, not finding loop holes and trying to exploit them.

Natural SEO should follow a logic approach including; keyword research, content strategy, on-page optimisation, rank review and evaluation.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search is keyword specific advertising through search engines like Google and Bing. Paid search is quick to set up and turn on, so it can be a great way to react to last minute marketing, like late offers or seasonal changes. It's also a great tool for testing and tracking keyword conversion data.

Google's shopping feed is also accessed through paid search, which is something that many of our eCommerce clients benefit from, as we continue to see impressive returns from this channel.

We have over 10 years experience in creating, managing and interpreting Paid Search campaigns. So we know our CPA's from CTR's, so be prepared for some nice ROI!

Display and Affiliates

As part of an online marketing strategy, it's sometimes necessary to consider display advertising, either through 3rd part affiliates or something like Google's display network.

Any display adverts should be carefully thought through, the cost per visit tends to be higher than traditional CPC, so the numbers need to stack up. Although the costs are higher, for certain brands this method of advertising reaches parts of their target audience that organic or CPC doesn't.

Remarketing or Retargetting is also available in a similar way. The principle of these ads is to target users who've already had a look at your site, so it's targeted marketing to a warm lead, rather than every visitor.

Conversion Optimisation

The success of a website is usually defined by a simple statistic... how much money does it make! Whether it's lead generation or product sales, a conversion is worth money to your business.

The number of sales or leads that you generate breaks down to a pretty simple calculation between - no. of visits x conversion rate. The majority of SEO strategies tends to focus on the no. of visits, obviously it stands to reason that the more people that see your site, the more conversions you get. As important as increasing traffic is, it is only one part of the solution.

Optimising a website for conversions requires a scientific approach, first you need to identify where things are going wrong, create a solution, test it and evaluate the results. Sometimes the smallest of changes can have the most striking effect on conversions. We've seen lead image changes reduce bounce rates by 80% and contact form changes increase conversions by 300%!

As a guide you're looking for a 2% conversion rate from your website, some of our client websites convert at over 6%. So if you're not happy with the return from your website, get in touch and we will let you know how we can help.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to evaluate the majority of online activity. From simple data sets such as unique visits, traffic source and keywords, to A/B testing and customised reports, Google Analytics is a amazingly detailed source of information.

We report back to retainer clients on a monthly basis, so they know what's happening with the site in detail - beyond the number of sales or leads it's generated. There's sometimes as much value in investigating purchase/funnel drop offs as there is the conversions.

We can evaluate the ROI of pretty much all marketing activities through Analytics -  phone calls, print campaigns, email, social, organic and paid. In other words, no more "I know half of my marketing budgets a waste, i just don't know which half".

We’re a RAR recommended agency, scoring more than most agencies in every category!

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