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5 Top Tips for Social Media.

We all know that nowadays if you want to get your brand out there and in front of as many eyeballs as possible, your company needs to push content out across social platforms. Unfortunately, lots of companies don’t invest the time they should into optimising this. Here are a few handy tips to ensure you’re enticing as many people as possible:

1. Choose platforms that are relevant to your audience

Social media is all about grabbing the attention of your target audience. In order to do that, you need to identify which social platforms are relevant to your audience and start posting content there.

For example, fashion and beauty companies need to post highly visual content, so platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram work best for them. Topshop (whose target market is probably 16-29 year olds) will be more successful on these platforms than on Facebook for example, where the age of users tends to be higher.

2. Find your optimal posting time

There is a myriad of articles out there trying to pinpoint exactly when are the best times to post your content across different platforms. Collectively, they’ve all come to the same conclusion – there is no set rule which applies to all companies.

Instead, you should look at the analytics for your social accounts and see if there are any trends which apply to you. Every company has a different audience, and different audiences display different trends in when they interact the most with content.

3. Make sure you’re tailoring the content you post to the platform

Different content works better across different mediums, so instead of posting the same stuff across everything, make sure you’re tailoring it to attain the highest amount of interactions. An added bonus of doing this is that if someone decides to check you out across different platforms, they’ll have something new to look at each time (and therefore, this provides an extra chance for you to lure them in).

4. Find fast ways of finding relevant content

Depending on your industry, the relevant news might be quite niche. Finding methods of identifying news to repost or write about can save you time and money. Google Alerts allows you to identify a search term, and any articles including that search term will be ‘alerted’ to you via your Gmail address when they are posted online, so you can always keep abreast of relevant content whilst it is hot off the press.

The other little lifesaver is Feedly; a site which makes it super easy to organise, read and share posts containing certain terms from specified websites.

5. Build relationships

Where relevant, tag other companies in your posts. Yes, even if they’re a competitor! Although this may seem like a risky strategy, mentioning another company will mean they’ll repost your post, hence making your company visible to their following. It’s a quick, easy and friendly technique for expanding your market.

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