Boat culture

The Bigger Boat supports local boating charity.

This year we decided to dispense with our usual Christmas competition (our clients were too good and the pressure of judging had become about as tense as cooking for 20 on Christmas Day!). Instead, we donated our design and marketing services to support a well-deserving local charity.

Safe Anchor offers boat trips for disadvantaged groups in the local community that wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to enjoy such an experience. It’s a fantastic cause that resonates not only within the local community, but further afield as well. Plus, it’s boats, so… Well, you know!

The project began with a visit from leading Safe Anchor volunteer, Kevin Thorburn. He came to us with the old-style brochure and volunteer leaflet with worries that it had started to look ‘tired’ and didn’t really represent the charity to its full potential anymore. Doug and the design crew quickly got to work and produced not only two new assets for the charity, but a newer, fresher and much more accessible logo and branding.

Safe Anchor was thrilled with everything The Bigger Boat supplied. Kevin explains: “From the very first meeting, we were convinced The Bigger Boat would ‘come up with the goods’ and deliver what we wanted. In the end, they exceeded our expectations and we received a fabulous end product.”

“The fact that The Bigger Boat is committed to supporting a local charity and the thousands of people it helps, says so much about the company and everyone who works there.”

He added: “Thank you from everyone at Safe Anchor Trust.”

Of course, we couldn’t leave our clients without any gifts at Christmas. So in true TBB style we created some branded archetypal presents and sent our little elves out to distribute.

We’d like to wish all friends and clients of TBB a happy new year as we step into 2019 – this year is going to be a big one and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Written by Ruby Ribbons
Senior account manager, social secretary and resident 'baller'.