Creating brand identities for two new start-ups.

For the past three years we’ve proudly worked with The Enterprise Team at the University of Huddersfield to support aspiring entrepreneurs with our design expertise. We run a competition each year to offer two students top-quality branding from The Bigger Boat, led by our creative director, Doug Main. Here, we discuss this year’s winning projects and highlight what we did to bolster each brand.    

What is The Enterprise Team?
The Enterprise Team has supported University-of-Huddersfield students for over five years, offering guidance and workshops on start-ups, self-employment and freelancing. Many students want to learn the skills to make it on their own and are brimming with business ideas. However, without the right look, getting seen can be difficult. That’s where we come in. The Bigger Boat frequently works with the community to improve local businesses and encourage young talent to step forward, and this includes our yearly competition with The Enterprise Team, for which we brand two brilliant business ideas.


From dedicated and inventive student Caitlin Barton, Inventra is a delivery-based kids’ activities subscription business, providing everything they need in a neat and well-designed package. The idea was born in lockdown when Caitlin’s younger cousin asked her to create a design brief for a Scouts project – and that was the falling apple Caitlin needed! What we love most about this idea is its developmental benefits for children, offering creative and problem-solving skills. For Inventra, we recognised that the ideas and DIY-inventive nature of the business really separated it. This needed demonstrating in the brand. We utilised cloud-shaped bubbles, commonly associated with thoughts, and cute smiley faces, which together signified an enjoyable but thoughtful business for kids. We also proposed and provided a series of varying colours to allow Caitlin to appeal to as many children as possible. Discover Inventra on Instagram to learn more about its services and see our branding in situ. 


Described as ‘memory custodians’, Perpetuity grabbed our attention almost immediately. It offers a unique service that recycles sentimental materials into beautiful keepsakes for children and adults. Whether it’s your baby’s first onesie, the dress you wore when you met your partner, or an old shirt of a loved one who’s passed away, Perpetuity’s designs make your memories last forever. We offered founder Amanda Lead our services and designed a logo and brand identity for her business. Using a stich design, we created a perpetual pattern using the letter ‘P’, which encapsulated her brand perfectly – making memories last forever. Take a look at Perpetuity’s Instagram to uncover its wonderful designs and new branding. 

The Bigger Boat will continue working to improve local business and support the next generation of entrepreneurs with The Enterprise Team. To learn more about our design services, read our expert guide on why and when you should consider a rebrand.

Written by Doug Main
Co-founder Doug’s obsession for typography and killer attention to detail result in brilliantly unique, creative concepts for our clients.