Good Design = ROI.

It’s great to see so many articles across the web these days reinforcing the fact that design has such a big influence on how browsers view a website – and the return on investment (ROI) of good design. ‘Yeaaahh, right’ I hear you say… ‘the design agency, telling me the importance of a service they sell’… Well, I get that, but it’s not just the crew of The Bigger Boat talking about design influencing ROI and even SEO.

The UK’s Design Council, the Finnish Design Business Association and the international Design Management Institute have all been spending bags of time on studies and research that prove the benefit of good design and have even been able to develop tools that can quantify the effect of good design (you can read a bit about the study here).

Also, think about it – it makes perfect sense. How many times have you searched for a product online and landed on a website that made you think ‘Mmmm maybe not, I think I’ll go to the next listing, cause that site looks a bit dodgy’? We’ve all done it…

We know the importance of good design and have a few years of putting it into practice. We’ve got loads of examples we can tell you about where design changes to a website have improved conversion rates. So if you’re thinking about a new site or even increasing the ROI of your existing website, get in touch. Have a look at some of our recent web design & search projects to see what we can do…

Written by Doug Main
Co-founder Doug’s obsession for typography and killer attention to detail result in brilliantly unique, creative concepts for our clients.