What happens when a Celloglas finish meets its print?

Last year, we were tasked with designing and developing a campaign to promote client Celloglas’ vast range of print finishes. We take a look at how far the campaign has come since our initial idea was pitched and what we’ve got coming up. 

As the UK’s leading decorative print finisher, Celloglas hardly needs an introduction. But where the brand did need a helping hand was in shouting loudly about the innovative, stunning products it has on offer. When we were asked to help the company reach out to new and existing customers with physical samples to demonstrate the array of print finishes available, we jumped at the opportunity and were brimming with ideas.

We devised a campaign that would see a sample of each finish sent out monthly, giving people the chance to see – and more importantly feel – the quality and beauty for themselves. We named it the Ampersand concept, as the samples would marry together a print and one finish to beautifully showcase how it could bring designs to life.

Our inaugural sample promoted anti-scuff lamination and the content on the reverse detailed some of the great partnerships of the past to really get our point across that when two entities come together, they can produce something truly stunning.

Over the last 18 months, the campaign has gathered pace and created plenty of noise around these striking print finishes. Those we’ve highlighted so far include glitter, glow in the dark and pearlescent varnish, as well as foil blocking and food safe lamination (pictured), which is made from the best food grade materials and approved for food packaging. We’ve changed the copy up each time too. Creative introductions reflect each individual finish and conjure up imagery in the reader’s mind to really demonstrate the quality of it.

We’re currently busy drafting the next batch of samples, which includes linen lamination and Cellogreen, the brand’s innovative environmentally friendly over-lamination film product.

Wondering what else we’ve been up to with Celloglas? Take a look at the brand’s new-look website, which we designed and developed to re-position the Celloglas brand.

Written by Carrie Webb
A life-long lover of the written word, Carrie is your go-to for compelling content that resonates with your audience.