Developing a fun Instagram filter for L.O.L. Surprise!

Having worked with several MGA Entertainment brands – including Little Tikes, Baby Annabell and BABY born – we’re well-versed in the toy industry and a big advocate of brand awareness and strong customer relationships. Recently, we were chosen to bring an L.O.L. Surprise! project to life, creating a stunning, interactive Instagram filter to raise product awareness and encourage young people to strut the unique moves of the Dance Dance Dance dolls. Here, we discuss what the filter was, why it was important, and how we created it.

Bringing positivity to young people
L.O.L. Surprise! is an award-winning toy manufacturer that specialises in dolls that promote positive attitudes and confidence in young people. It is one of many brands of toy-titan MGA Entertainment – a pioneer of developmental play in children.

What was the filter for?
L.O.L. Surprise! has a range of Dance Dance Dance dolls, which have their own moves and personalities. To celebrate International Dance Day and promote a new L.O.L. Surprise! Dance Dance Dance series, we were tasked with creating a shareable Instagram filter that encouraged young fans to show off their dance moves with one of the dolls. To make the most of this opportunity, the filter needed to be as bold and likeable as the brand itself and called for the best of our design services.

How does the filter work?
Using the filter, users are displayed in an interactive frame in which a randomised Dance Dance Dance doll is shown in a roulette style. Once the doll is generated, young dance fans have to try to mimic the doll’s moves as closely as possible, allowing for a fun, engaging and interactive experience for everyone who uses it.

Having previously designed an Instagram filter for sister brand Little Tikes, starring its much-loved Cozy Coupe, our design team was able to quickly and effectively create an on-brand, visually stunning filter for the client. Using Spark AR Studio, an augmented reality software, to create and add interactive elements, animations and objects to the filter, we were able to increase L.O.L. Surprise!’s engagement while raising brand awareness among a host of excitable young dancers.

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Written by Kara Clifford
Design perfectionist Kara adds creative flair to all our projects. Her skills lie in print, branding and moving image.