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Pinterest Predicts: How to implement the top trends in your 2022 strategy.

Pinterest is a one-stop shop for inspiration, new products and new possibilities and is, first and foremost, a search engine before a social tool. People on Pinterest are looking to stay positive and grounded, and with a filtered search functionality, this platform allows brands and creators to be more visible, making the platform appealing for businesses of all sizes.

The popular platform recently released its annual Pinterest Predicts report, highlighting which emerging trends it expects to see a lot more of this year. Last year, eight out of 10 of Pinterest’s predictions came true, which means its 2022 predictions aren’t to be ignored.

Here, we share with you our top five predictions from the report and explain how your brand or business can leverage them in its 2022 strategy.

1. Altbashes: parties for life’s underestimated moments

After a year of pausing parties, millennials and Gen Z are adopting a ‘seize the day’ attitude and are ready more than ever to celebrate milestones and new chapters. Pass us the cake!

If you’re a fashion brand:

Help pinners plan their outfits. Had a bad break-up? Pet’s birthday around the corner? Received some good news? PARTY! Give pinners the inspiration to find the perfect outfit for their occasion.

If you’re a wellbeing brand:

Provide regular content for ‘wellbeing wednesdays’. What would a self love party look like for your brand? Face masks, check. Scented candle, check. Chocolate (lots of), check.

2. Flexercise: for the love of movement

In 2022, movements of the low intensity style are going to be seriously slow and sweaty. Daily stretches and scenic walks will be at the top of our activity lists.

If you’re a travel brand:

Create some inspirational targeted ads for a welcomed wellness weekend or yoga retreat. Walking holidays and adult-only hotel suggestions too, bliss.

If you’re a fashion brand:

Activewear at the ready. Create boards with activewear for all body shapes and sizes and choose colours with seasonality in mind. There are pins-a-plenty for activity suggestions and outfit inspo too.

3. Curve appeal: arcs are in all around the home

If you’re a nail artist:

Show them the curve appeal in a ‘How to achieve a rounded tip’ nail tutorial. Pin nail-art suggestions, we’re talking half moon shapes, hearts and wicked waves. 

If you’re an interior designer:

Help people pick the right rounded accessories for their home. Think curvy kitchen islands, rounded outdoor pools and sexy circular baths.

4. Mindful menstruation

Millenials are miles ahead when it comes to menstruation and are going to be educating themselves more than ever in 2022 on their cycle, period care and own menstrual health.

If you’re a tech brand:

Share apps that will support mood and menstruation. Advise what to include in a modern period starter kit and share self-care apps to help them ease into that ‘time of the month’. More importantly, provide pins on how partners can be supportive too.

If you’re an activewear brand:

Provide outfit inspo for when it’s that ‘time of the month’. There must be a board being cried out for – the perfect period pant, and no VPL leggings right?

5. Cuppa time: afternoon tea is the new happy hour

Afternoon tea is now becoming more than just a scone with a slap of jam and cream. It’s a whole mood. And boy do we love getting the ‘tea’!

If you’re a dating brand:

Scope out the top spots for afternoon tea. Where would you propose as the top location for a tea date? Would it be afternoon tea with a designated DJ, or somewhere with the trendiest tea offering?

If you’re a home decor brand:

Show-off your top tea accessories for those who want afternoon tea in the comfort of their own home. We’re talking trendy tea cups, spoons, napkins, cake trays, table decorations, the whole lot.

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Written by Grace Lenihan
Planning pro and social strategist Grace knows exactly how to get people talking about your brand in the spaces that matter.