Boat culture

Stuck in a Sub – TBB Summer Social 2017.


A big aspect of being part of the TBB Crew is teamwork, and the fact we all get on so well. We’re a tight-knit team who learn from each other every day and we do enjoy a cool, refreshing pint together on a Friday finish!

Recently, our marketing intern Hannah finished her placement year with us before heading back to ‘The Toon’ to finish her university degree. Of course, we couldn’t say ‘bon voyage’ without a ‘challenging’ send off.

We planned in a team-building afternoon at The Great Escape Room, Leeds, where we opted for the slightly less-scary version of one of the games. This was due to one of the crew – we heard his nickname was the keyword kid – suffering from severe Panophobia (a fear of everything), so we thought it worthwhile to not stick anyone in a room with zombies!

We split the crew up into two teams, with a healthy mix of people from all sides of the business on each team. We were then locked in a very warm submarine-esque room (almost on brand), where we had to solve the puzzles before the time was up. Fortunately, one of the teams managed to crack the code and escape… Saving the others before they were trapped in the submarine FOREVER.

After we managed to escape from the depths of the deep blue sea, we celebrated with pizza and enjoyed an exciting game of ‘Cards against Humanity’. During the intense card game, we found out some of the team have a very, very dark sense of humour…

The bar area supplied VR equipment, some high-paced Mario Kart N64 gameplay & an all singing and dancing Arcade machine featuring Street Fighter – what we learnt from that is to not mess with Web Developer Nour, either in a virtual or real-world.

After we were all ‘gamed’ out, we headed to Ricci’s tapas across the road, where without booking we thought we would be greeted with an unfortunate lack of table space. Much to our surprise, Andy managed to negotiate our very own private dining room, inclusive of fancy table decorations & TV!


Many tapas dishes and beverages later saw us pile into possibly the smallest bar in Leeds (decanter) for a cosy nightcap. All in all a very good excursion out of the office – filled with lots of laughs, team building & most importantly, food and drinks!!


Written by Kara Clifford
Design perfectionist Kara adds creative flair to all our projects. Her skills lie in print, branding and moving image.